“Rapid growth and success over such a short period!”

As a Clinic Owner, you’re probably used to doing a case study for a patient or condition, but have you ever done it with your business owner hat on?!

You’re probably interested to know what other clinic owners are doing to grow their clinic!

It’s pretty common for us to see a clinic owner that is lost for direction, not sure what the next step is for their business journey.

You’re either in a position of pain, struggle or overwhelm and need some urgent help, or you’re happy, content and potentially complacent, meaning you’re missing a lot of the upside.

In any case, it’s great to learn from other health professionals in business because it highlights the opportunities for you to grow.

In this case study with Andrew and Peter, we’re going to share a detailed insight into their journey as a Physiotherapists and Private Practice owners (PhysioFit).

As you can appreciate, everyone’s journey is different, so, take what you see here and filter it through your current position and ask yourself, how could this work for you?

You’ll notice that we’ve included a lot of detail in this case study.

We’ve been able to do that because of our 103 point self assessment business audit that we do at the beginning of every new member’s journey and the ongoing dash-boarding throughout their journey.

We are also constantly reviewing our progress with members and on a quarterly basis we do a business audit to review our progress so that Clinic Mastery can stay accountable to the clinic owner getting a return on their investment.

You’ll see in the answers below we have included Andrew and Peter’s feedback throughout their time with us.

Grow My Clinic Workshop

Tell us about your business

We own Physio Fit, a multi D allied health clinic incorporating physiotherapy, remedial massage, podiatry and pilates.

We have a strong focus on client experience and providing an amazing combination of customer service and premium health care, from the moment a client contacts our friendly admin team until they have achieved their goals!

Why did You Join the Clinic Mastery Business Academy?

We were a relatively new and growing clinic and we knew that joining the business academy would save us years of mistakes!

We were putting in a lot of time and energy into our business so knew that having someone to keep us accountable and focused would get us the best results.

What Results Have You Achieved With The Business Academy?

April 2016 – Dec 2017 (~18m)

Monthly Revenue

  • Increase by 250% per month
  • Key system (s) we implemented to help create this change:
    • Introducing management plans which increased our PVA
    • Focused on exceptional client care with appropriate rebooking
    • Systemised client hand-overs from practitioners to admin team
    • Increased consult prices


Monthly Appointment Numbers

  • Increase by 300% (300 to 900) per month
  • Key system (s) we implemented to help create this change:
    • Introducing management plans
    • Follow up calls from admin and practitioners
    • Asking appropriate clients for referrals
    • Increasing networking, including presentations to the general public
    • Reactivation and support contact by utilising Cliniq Apps


Patient Visit Average

  • Increase by 44% (6 to 9)
  • Key system (s) we implemented to help create this change:
    • Introducing management plans
    • Follow up calls
    • Weekly 1:1s on top of weekly PD with our team to accelerate their learning, creating better care and health outcomes for clients


More Freedom

  • Decreased clinical hours from 60hrs to 5hrs each per week
  • Key system(s) we implemented to help create this change:
    • Hand over of clients to other practitioners
    • Hired more physios
    • Big focus on team member 1:1 meetings and Professional Development to ensure same quality throughout the clinic

What Other Changes Have You Experienced in Your Clinic?

  • We’ve Added New team members

    • We employed 5 Physiotherapists
    • We employed 1 Remedial Massage Therapist
    • We employed 2 Podiatrists
    • We employed 3 Admin Team Members
  • We’ve transitioned to better operating systems

    • From excel spreadsheets to cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software XERO
    • From nothing or texting on my phone to cloud based client communication system Cliniq Apps
    • From written to-do lists, to Asana Project Management Software
  • We are much more structured in our growth

    • All of my plans used to be in losely in my head, now we have a clear structure because we have created detailed 90 day and 12 month plans.
  • We are more delivering a better client experience

    • We have a written and clarity on the touch points in our new clients journey
    • Welcome packs DEFINITELY
    • We have transformed our waiting room into a welcome room! We offer coffee (made from real beans!, herbal tea, massage chairs and charging stations for our clients
  • We’re getting paid what we’re worth because we add more value

    • We have decreased the amount of discounted consults overall
    • We have increased our consult fees

How Would You Describe Your Business Academy Experience

Virtual Classroom

  • Kajabi = absolutely love it
    • So easy to follow each week and great to revise again later or share content with the team.
    • Loved that at any time we could easily log in and find the videos that corresponded with what we wanted to focus on at the time (We revisited modules on hiring team members quite a bit last year!)


Business in a Box

  • Google site = great structure
    • It was great to start developing our google site whilst transitioning into our super clinic as any policy or procedure we would come across or create could easily be uploaded and stored for the whole team to see.
    • Our admin team love having the easy access to pretty much anything that can be or needs to be done in the clinic – from how to open and close the clinic to what to do when our coffee machine has an error message on it! For practitioners, we store PD content and presentations to overlook.


Study Buddies

  • Coaching & Community = amazing
    • Shane was our personal coach & I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He has great expertise in clinic growth and leadership which we found to be invaluable to our rapid growth and success over such a short period. He has a unique skill to takes positives from any situation and work to turn it into a win-win situation. As a new and growing business, spot fires are something you will have to deal with again and again and this mindset guidance alone is enough reason to work with Shane and the team.

Happy Clinic Mastery Group

How Would You Describe Your Experience with the Clinic Mastery Team?

  • They have always been willing to go above and beyond, no matter what the the question or time of the day.
  • They have played a huge role in the success and growth of our clinic.


What Advice Do You Have For a Clinic Owner Contemplating the Business Academy?

Our advice would be to first speak with the team at Clinic Mastery and see for yourself how much they care about what they do as well as your clinic and team.

If you are just starting out like we were, I think it is the perfect time to join to save you time, money and many headaches!
From connecting with other business owners, we have found that our young clinic was doing a lot of things established clinics hadn’t even thought of, so even if things are going “well enough”, there will always be room for improvement, whether that’s in regards to client experiences and health outcomes or leading your team.

Applications for the next Business Academy enrolment are now open (only 4 per year), claim your strategy session now to see if we have what you need and find out if you’d be a good fit.



So, the question i have for you is this, do you want to grow your clinic?!

Unfortunately, you don’t get any extra rewards for doing it yourself…

If you want to take control of your clinic growth, just like Andrew and Peter, you might as well take advantage of the entire done-for-you systems, policies, procedures and structures we’ve created and use in our clinics today…

There is no need to re-invent the wheel!

If you’re serious about taking the next step, then we should talk. If you’re on the fence, this is not for you. Just like marion said, you have to immerse yourself to get the best results.

The Business Academy is not for the faint hearted, it demands high level of commitment and relentless execution. It is your business after-all.

Gabby has put in an incredible amount of work, she epitomises what it means to be a member of this elite group.

We have all the resources you need and the support to help bring it to life, the question is, are you willing to put your head down and do the yards with us?

Will You Be Our Next Case Study?!

Until next time;
Live with Passion and Serve with Care!

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