“The Clinic Continued to Operate Without Me!”

As a Clinic Owner, you’re probably used to doing a case study for a patient or condition, but have you ever done it with your business owner hat on?!

You’re probably interested to know what other clinic owners are doing to grow their clinic!

It’s pretty common for us to see a clinic owner that is lost for direction, not sure what the next step is for their business journey.

You’re either in a position of pain, struggle or overwhelm and need some urgent help, or you’re happy, content and potentially complacent, meaning you’re missing a lot of the upside.

In any case, it’s great to learn from other health professionals in business because it highlights the opportunities for you to grow.

In this case study with Kate, we’re going to share a detailed insight into her journey as a Podiatrist and Private Practice owner (Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic).

Kate owns and operates a Podiatry business based in Greensborough, Victoria. Kate and her team offer a full spectrum of Podiatry Services to their local community. 

As you can appreciate, everyone’s journey is different, so, take what you see here and filter it through your current position and ask yourself, how could this work for you?

You’ll notice that we’ve included a lot of detail in this case study. We’ve been able to do that because of our 103 point self assessment business audit that we do at the beginning of every new member’s journey.

We are also constantly reviewing our progress with members and on a quarterly basis we do a business audit to review our progress so that Clinic Mastery can stay accountable to the clinic owner getting a return on their investment.

You’ll see in the answers below we have included Kate’s feedback throughout her time with us.

Why did You Join the Clinic Mastery Business Academy?

“I was hoping that it would help me grow my business to be less revolved around me so I can move it to a difference phase of my life.”

“I needed to get some clarity about how to get the business to the position I have always wanted it to be in.”

“I was hoping to be able to take another decent holiday/adventure to an overseas location. (PS. I just spent 6 weeks overseas, this was a big win, and my business was still going strong when I returned – Yay!).” 

The main challenges I faced prior to the Business Academy were:

“Finding and employing quality team members, it was difficult.  Finding the right fit and people who are motivated to be a part of something great.”

“Many people just want to come to work do what they have to and go home with a good pay packet, I want to be able to empower my team to put more in to the business so that they enjoy coming to work each day.”

“I wanted to have a fantastic induction process along with P&P to help make it a simpler process.”

“Systems! I knew that I need systems in place to have the clinic run smoothly.”

“At the time, I was the podiatrist, I was at times the receptionist, the cleaner, the builder/maintenance gal, the fixer, the problem solver. The only thing I was not, was the book keeper or the accountant.”

Happy Clinic Mastery Group

What Results Have You Achieved With The Business Academy?

You’ll see some real figures below…

What you need to know is that the comparison spans between August 2016 – March 2018 (~18m period)

Remember, Kate runs a Podiatry clinic and your numbers are likely to be different if you are in another industry, location etc.

Over that period, these numbers reflect how Kate has been able to engage and align her team, with the help of Clinic Mastery to be able to implement many of the (64+) practical systems (we give you in the business academy) to create a sustainable business.

You’ll also need to appreciate that these are sustained average numbers over a 18m period.

Monthly Revenue

  • Increase by 40%
  • Key systems we implemented to help create this change:
    • Introducing management plans which increased our PVA
    • Focused on exceptional client care with appropriate rebooking
    • Systemised client hand-overs from practitioners to admin team
    • Increased consult prices

Monthly New Clients

  • Increase by 312% (16 to 50 per month)
  • Key system (s) we implemented to help create this change:
    • Introducing management plans
    • Investment in equipment that helps create our unique selling point
    • Facebook advertising specifically for this equipment

Average Revenue Per Client – Per Visit

  • Increase by 30% (was $61 to $87)
  • Key system (s) we implemented to help create this change:
    • Introducing management plans
    • Stocking retail products we had previously advised people to buy elsewhere
    • Confidently implementing these stocked items into our patients management plans

Monthly Appointment Numbers

  • Increase by 25% (285 to 385) per month
  • Key system (s) we implemented to help create this change:
    • Introducing management plans
    • Follow up calls from admin and practitioners
    • Asking appropriate clients for referrals
    • Increasing networking, including presentations to the general public

More Freedom

  • Decreased clinical hours from 43h To 27hr each per week
    • Im working 15 hr on the business each week
    • I went for a 6 week overseas holiday and the business operated without me!
  • Key system(s) we implemented to help create this change:
    • Hand over of clients to other practitioners
    • Hired more podiatrists
    • Big focus on team member 1:1 meetings and Professional Development to ensure same quality throughout the clinic

What Other Changes Have You Experienced in Your Clinic?

  1. We’ve Added New team members
    • We employed 2 Podiatrists
    • We employed 1 Admin Team Member
  2. We’ve transitioned to better operating systems
    • From excel spreadsheets to cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software XERO
    • From nothing and phone call confirmations to cloud based client communication system Cliniq Apps
    • From many many written to-do lists, to streamline Asana Project Management Software
    • Slack communication for our team
  3. We are much more structured in our growth
    • All of my plans (and sometimes lack of) used to be in losely in my head, now we have a clear structure through our 90 day and 12 month plans.
    • We are regularly communicating to our database via Cliniq apps and follow up phone calls
  4. We are delivering a better client experience
    • We have a written and clarity on the touch points in our new clients journey
    • Welcome packs & management plans DEFINITELY
    • We survey our clients using the NPS to find out how their experience was after their first visit
    • With more team members we are focused solely on the patient we are treating at the time and not spreading ourselves too thin
    • We offer coffee & herbal teas when you arrive in our reception area, along with lovely calm music.
  5. We’re getting paid what we’re worth because we add more value
    • We have decreased the amount of discounted consults overall
    • We have increased our consult fees
  6. We have transformed the culture
    • We’re still improving, however, our team now have helped craft our core purpose and values.
    • We regularly celebrate our team wins
  7. We are marketing better
    • We have clearly defined our ideal client
    • We have a website that ranks in the top 3 of google

Clinic Mastery Team

How Would You Describe Your Business Academy Experience


Virtual Classroom

  • “Kajabi = Informative & Valuable”
    • “The structure, organisation, delivery, quality and volume of the content is amazing!”
    • “So easy to follow each week and great to revise again later or share content with the team.”
    • “Loved that at any time we could easily log in and find the videos that corresponded with what we wanted to focus on at the time (We revisited modules on hiring team members quite a bit last year!).”


Business in a Box

  • “Google site = Great structure”
    • “It was great to have a skeleton of a site to build on.”
    • “When hired our first admin team member who helped flesh the site out with heaps of content regarding very basic daily tasks to very complex processes along with having asana link to these pages it makes it pretty foolproof!”
    • “Our admin team & practitioners love having the easy access to pretty much anything that can be or needs to be done in the clinic – from how to open and close the clinic to videos on how to use the steriliser and process DVA payments via the online portal.”
    • “When practitioners attend PD events we upload the info onto the site for all to review.”


Study Buddies

  • “Coaching & Community = Amazing!”
    • “Shane was my personal coach & I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”
    • “He has great expertise in clinic growth and leadership, he also isn’t afraid to give you some harsh truths when it is needed. I have found our meeting invaluable especially being a sole business owner it has been amazing. He has helped me through some very difficult business discussions that I would have either avoided or gone about all wrong without his guidance.”


How Would You Describe Your Experience with the Clinic Mastery Team?

  • “Shane, Ben, Daniel and Jack have a lot to offer. They have been incredibly helpful by being responsive and direct with me, they have always followed through and kept me accountable.”
  • “They have always been willing to go above and beyond, no matter what the question or time of the day. They have been available nearly straight away! They have played a huge role in the success and growth of the clinics.”

What Advice Do You Have For a Clinic Owner Contemplating the Business Academy?

“Do it! Even if you think you are too small or it wouldn’t work for you because you don’t have a team yet.”

“The structure you can build puts you in great stead for the future as once you have a team putting structure in afterwards make it difficult to change habits and expectations.”

“The things you learn not only from the CM directors but the CM family as well is invaluable. “

“There are people with all different types sized clinics and this community will help push you, make you succeed and grow more than you ever thought you could!”

Applications for the next Business Academy enrolment are now open (only 4 per year), claim your strategy session now to see if we have what you need and find out if you’d be a good fit.




So, the question i have for you is this, do you want to grow your clinic?!

Unfortunately, you don’t get any extra rewards for doing it yourself…

If you want to take control of your clinic growth, just like Kate, you might as well take advantage of the entire done-for-you systems, policies, procedures and structures we’ve created and use in our clinics today…

There is no need to re-invent the wheel!

If you’re serious about taking the next step, then we should talk. If you’re on the fence, this is not for you.

Just like Kate said, you have to immerse yourself to get the best results.

The Business Academy is not for the faint hearted, it demands high level of commitment and relentless execution. It is your business after-all.

Kate has put in an incredible amount of work, she epitomises what it means to be a member of this elite group.

We have all the resources you need and the support to help bring it to life, the question is, are you willing to put your head down and do the yards with us?

Will You Be Our Next Case Study?!

Until next time;
Live with Passion and Serve with Care!

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