Celebrating Wins: Infusing Positivity in Your Clinic

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How many times have you heard from us to celebrate wins? And, to what extent does it infuse positivity in your clinic? You know as well as I do that there are enough downs and hopefully ups in your day, in your week, in your month, in your business and in life.

So, we should celebrate, focus on and highlight the good times, because it can be very easy to get caught up in the challenges or problems at the moment and be consumed by them.

How Do We Infuse Positivity in Our Clinics?


1. Recognize Positivity

First step in infusing positivity in our clinics would be recognizing the wins. It doesn’t even have to be you celebrating something of your own. You can celebrate someone else’s win. Go give a celebration to someone else!
You and your team can share a win, either personally or professionally – something that has been a highlight.

Recognize Positivity
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People can choose to celebrate successes they’ve had with clients, in their own businesses, and again, successes of someone else.
And that is a real joy, a real positive note to kick off any meetings. You don’t have to labor on it. It’s just a short one to recognize the positivity that’s happening in the moment.
We always start the meeting with “What’s your win?” Your win of the week, your win in the last couple of hours, your win of the day, your win on the weekend—whatever it is.

2. Use your core values as filter

Use your core values as the filter through which you can celebrate wins. For instance, if your core value is going above and beyond — Ben can say, “Hey, Jack. Shout out to you for going above and beyond for organizing a taxi to pick up Mrs. Smith after her appointment. Awesome work buddy!”

So, I can celebrate Jack. That’s a win in the last day or so, using the filter of the core value.

3. Reflect on it

We also encourage people to continue to reflect on the wins that they’re experiencing. Those wins then also filter into the weekly feedback forms that the team member might give, or the monthly mentoring and reviews.

Girl Reflecting
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You know how valuable it is to focus on the positive, to be optimistic, especially when you are backed up against, that the chips are down. And there are some real challenges that you face by. But reflecting on the wins brings up the energy. And remembering that something has been really worthwhile that made you or your team smile, laugh, and feel good will give you that positive vibe.

4.  Create a Culture

 So, there are two keys in creating a positive culture. First would be to start every daily huddles with wins. Every meeting that we have internally at Clinic Mastery, to give you of behind-the-scenes, we always start with a win. It is a real joy that is an internal cultural expectation with our team here at Clinic Mastery.

And there’s an extension of that. Something that we encourage. In fact, we really, really encourage clinic owners in the community to celebrate their wins in business, and as part of their team as well.
And then, second is to reinforce it through a channel or a medium, like Slack, in which team members can regularly or occasionally at specific times celebrate the positivity in the group, personally or professionally. Using a platform like Slack is a really great way for us to continue that positive vibe and reinforce some of the cultural things.

So here’s my challenge for you.

Start a culture that celebrates wins and amplify it. And I assure you, they are going to be much more productive, much more engaged with one another. The communications are going to flow. And you know that to be true.
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Keep in mind: do not lose sight of what is important, hold on to your vision! In the little things, starts excellence.

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