This week, we delve into the personal and professional life of Marijn Kortekaas from Physitrack. He also shares about scent marketing, his previous job at Nike, and about the Physitrack app.


On why Nike shoes are expensive: “When it comes to Nike, you see the amount of money they spend on sponsorship, of athletes. It’s all about connecting the consumer to an athlete and help consumers to aspire to be someone they would love to be.”
“Marketing to people’s aspirations are often far more valuable than just marketing to their problems.”
“Although it’s not a clinical approach (scent marketing), it’s something that can have an impact in clinical outcomes. When patients are in a certain frame of mind, or they’re feeling relaxed or energized, it primes them to have a great experience with their therapist.”



  • [0:01:09.0]  Getting to know Marijn Kortekaas
  • [0:01:52.1]  Marijn’s first job after uni: working for Nike
  • [0:02:41.1]  Marijn talks about his first take on scent marketing, or using fragrances for branding
  • [0:03:13.7]  Getting to know Physitrack
  • [0:03:42.8]  How Marijn adapts into roles he is not trained in
  • [0:05:00.8]  Marijn explains why Nike shoes are expensive and shares about the lessons he’s learned while working at Nike
  • [0:07:20.3]  What does scent marketing have to do with being able to sell or being able to buy? Why is it effective?
  • [0:09:31.3]  Case Study: Day Spa Scent Vs. Sporting Retail Store Scent
  • [0:11:30.9]  What is Physitrack and why was it developed?
  • [0:14:56.8]  How Physitrack works
  • [0:15:39.8]  The history of Physitrack
  • [0:16:10.2]  Physitrack’s customer feedback system
  • [0:17:15.2]  Marijn talks about their partnership with Apple
  • [0:18:11.7]  How Marijn have overcome the challenges that came with Physitrack’s success
  • [0:20:55.9]  Testimonies from Physitrack clients
  • [0:22:48.4]  Learn more about Physitrack!

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