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Jack and Ben talks about the recent Grow My Clinic workshop held in Sydney. They share to us some of the highlights of the weekend, what we can expect from future live events/workshops, and some of the biggest takeaways they got from the workshop.


“You could take your branding and convey that into a visual element in your clinic.”



  • [0:01:06.7]  What’s new with the Grow My Clinic workshop?
  • [0:01:36.6]  What will be talked about in the different live events
  • [0:02:00.4]  Wisdom from Michael Griffiths (The Referral Marketing Guru)
  • [0:03:37.1]  Other notable guests from the workshop, talking about multi-sensory marketing
  • [0:04:48.7]  Here’s an example of multi-sensory marketing: Louis Vuitton infuses a particular scent to create a specific feeling for their customers
  • [0:05:08.6]  Using lavender to associate the clinic to a sense of calm
  • [0:07:21.7]  Insights from Jack’s talk during the Grow My Clinic workshop: Google Analytics, content publishing, establishing your expertise in your field, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising
  • [0:09:49.5]  Jack’s thoughts and testimony on digital marketing

Check out clinicmastery.com/events to know when and where our next Grow My Clinic workshop would be!
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