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Tristan White, Founder and CEO of The Physio Co and author of the book Culture is Everything, joins us on this episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast!

Jack and Tristan talks about the story behind The Physio Co, one of Australia’s Top 50 Best Places to Work, how they’ve managed to be on the list for nine consecutive years and ultimately, the principle of building a culture that creates a thriving clinic.

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“I was working with older people in a nursing home which is spectacularly less glamorous than what most people had done. I was embarrassed, but I tell you what – I would go home from work and I would feel like I’ve made a difference with the older people I was working with.”
“I would go home from work and I would love the fact that I was growing as a person.”
“There’s a vulnerability or nervousness around being a leader. Being uncomfortable is what I’ve learned – is part of the job.”
“How on earth could growth potentially happen if we don’t share the direction and get people excited about where we could take this together.”
“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”



  • [0:00:17.4]  Introducing Tristan White
  • [0:01:19.1]  Tristan’s journey to The Physio Co
  • [0:03:02.0]  Tristan’s experience in serving the elderly and how it has made a difference in his life (and career)
  • [0:05:09.5]  Tristan’s secret to making your people want to go to work
  • [0:07:10.9]  Four parts of creating a culture
  • [0:08:01.2]  Culture is Everything Pt. 1: Discovering the core of your organization
  • [0:08:21.7]  Culture is Everything Pt. 2: Documenting the future
  • [0:08:36.1]  Culture is Everything Pt. 3: Execute relentlessly
  • [0:08:53.1]  Culture is Everything Pt. 4: Sharing the love
  • [0:09:12.7]  Tristan shares some tips on how to communicate your ideas, vision and dreams to your team
  • [0:11:42.5]  How Tristan holds meetings with his team and how it affects their team culture
  • [0:12:39.2]  How to make your team participate in doing vision; tips for keeping the momentum
  • [0:14:43.5]  Having daily huddles, weekly meetings, monthly meetings around vision
  • [0:16:12.5]  Transitioning from being a practitioner to becoming a business owner
  • [0:20:11.5]  Releasing your team to do great things
  • [0:22:00.6]  How Tristan shows his appreciation to his team
  • [0:24:19.1]  Tristan talks about sending personalized items as gifts to his team
  • [0:26:37.3]  How Tristan organizes his tasks for the day as an entrepreneur
  • [0:29:07.7]  A day in the life of Tristan White

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