Are you truly creating content that’s helpful to your potential clients? Does the content you publish bring new customers to your door?

Chris Marr of the Content Marketing Academy joins us this week to talk about the importance of content marketing, creating relevant content for your potential clients, how it affects clients’ buying/booking decisions, and how it’s not just a strategy — it’s actually a philosophy.

Here is a rich episode all about content marketing and how it has helped many people, including our business, get more clients and bookings. We hope it helps yours.


“Marketing for today’s environment that we live in – the culture, the way that consumers make decisions to buy now is truly through the internet and information they find and educate themselves on.”
“Content marketing is who you are as a company. It’s how we communicate.”
“75% of the buying decision is made online before someone contacts the business for the first time.”
“Content can play a big role in helping – it plays a huge role – in increasing confidence and trust, and helping people make a buying decision.”
“It’s not about what your competition thinks about you… at the end of the day, this is about your business, your customers, and your prospects feeling confident about buying from you.”
“We don’t need more information; what we need is better information, better quality information.”
“There are thousands and thousands of blog articles getting published everyday; the challenge for everybody now is to create the best version of that article that exists online today.”
“In most cases, it’s not just that they want an answer to a question – they want a solution for a problem.”
“When it comes to content marketing, ideas is the currency.”
“This isn’t about who’s the smartest; this is about who can be the most helpful.”




  • [0:00:16.8]  Introducing Chris Marr of the Content Marketing Academy
  • [0:00:56.3]  About the Content Marketing Academy and how Chris got into content marketing
  • [0:03:27.5]  What is content marketing (according to Chris)?
  • [0:05:38.9]  What differentiates content marketing from other tactics such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • [0:06:09.3]  Content marketing as a philosophy
  • [0:07:36.3]  Does content marketing work for brick and mortar type businesses, or is it only exclusive for online marketers?
  • [0:09:04.6]  Chris explains “The Zero Moment of Truth”
  • [0:14:28.6]  What if you’re afraid of creating content because you’re afraid of criticism?
  • [0:18:44.2]  Advice for creating better content
  • [0:19:35.1]  How to differentiate yourself in a market that’s already overloaded with content
  • [0:26:03.8]  Excellent content attracts ideal clients
  • [0:28:52.1]  How to create content: getting into the mindset of your potential client
  • [0:30:26.9]  The five key areas of information that people use to help them make a buying decision
  • [0:34:49.7]  Chris gives some tips on writing/producing content: working on your intro, building your authority, and empathizing with potential clients
  • [0:44:37.9]  Chris’s blog and contact info

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