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This week, Ben is going to help you get started with creating systems for your clinic.
If you don’t have systems set up yet, or maybe you’re having a hard time setting them up, this episode will surely help you through the process.


“Quality systems are needed in your business to reduce the reliance of the business on you, the owner.”



  • [0:00:31.7]  Why we need systems in our clinic
  • [0:01:07.9]  Creating systems #1. Know the outcome
  • [0:01:32.2]  Creating systems #2. Identify the resources to be used
  • [0:01:59.6]  Creating systems #3. Identify the person who is responsible
  • [0:02:34.4]  Creating systems #4. Outline every single step
  • [0:03:14.1]  Creating systems #5. Tracking and accountability
  • [0:05:23.1]  How to get started with creating systems

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