Clinic Owner Stories: From a Small Room, to a Multi-Site Clinic (w/ Rushabh Savla) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 194

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 194

Rushabh Savla, Founder of R&D Physio in the UK, shares his clinic journey with us. Rush started his clinic journey in a small room behind a barbershop, and today, he now owns a multi-site clinic, with four locations across the UK. Rush also shares their key factors to success and how they prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s an amazing clinic journey you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Check out the full episode!

Rapid-fire Questions
  • [0:01:39.6]  Rush’s reading and learning list
  • [0:02:04.5]  People who inspire Rush
  • [0:02:37.7]  Childhood aspirations
  • [0:03:05.2]  Motto you live by

“Lead by example.”

Rush’s Career Trajectory
  • [0:03:42.2]  Pursuing his passion in Physiotherapy
  • [0:06:19.0]  Lessons learned from working in the public sector
Starting Out at the Back of a Barbershop – The Story Behind R&D Physio
  • [0:08:09.4]  How a tiny room became Rush’s first physio clinic
  • [0:09:26.6]  Focusing on the services before the brand
  • [0:09:59.3]  Rush on how R&D Clinic has grown through the years
Keys to Clinic Growth and Why Mentorship is Important
  • [0:11:38.0]  Building relationships with specialists, practicing ‘radical candor’
  • [0:14:02.8]  Keys to growth and success, hiring specialized physios
  • [0:16:36.2]  Lessons learned from the Business Academy and how it helped his clinic grow
  • [0:18:48.9]  Learning from different health professionals from Clinic Mastery
Thriving Through COVID
  • [0:20:47.4] Staying strong through COVID, how Rush’s mentor helped him plan a strategy pre-COVID
  • [0:22:56.2] Seeing the opportunities through the challenges
  • [0:25:23.1] Putting actions into your vision
More Advice + Connect with Rush!
  • [0:27:48.9]  Rush’s advice to UK-based clinic owners
  • [0:29:06.6]  Get to know more about Rush and his clinic!

“At the end of the day, the clients don’t care [about the brand]. What matters is the value you deliver, the quality of care, the service, and how you empower them.”


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