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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 210

It’s not rare for clinic owners to fall into the trap of micromanaging their own business: after all, you want everything to work well for your clinic and clients.

But the best leaders are not micromanagers, but rather good delegators and directors. It’s about creating synergy and practicing effective communication, much like the role of a conductor in an orchestra.

And so in this episode, we talk about the leadership lessons we can learn from Chief Conductors in an orchestra, and how stepping into the conductor role can help you grow your clinic.

  • Leadership VS. Management  [03:07]
  • Conductors aren’t leaders by definition  [04:09]
  • Conductors are always a step ahead  [04:33]
  • Conductors do not play in the ‘orchestra’  [04:54]
  • Conductors cannot play every instrument  [05:16]
  • Conductors set the pace  [06:03]
  • Conductors never take the credit  [06:40]
  • Conductors have the best seat in the house  [07:22]
  • Self-Evaluation: Are you more of a performer or a conductor?  [09:33]

“The best clinic owners transition from being a performer to being a conductor.”


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