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Cliniko Management Plans Result in Better Client Outcomes

As a private practice clinic owner you want to keep your books full, get great client outcomes and create loyal raving fans, well, Cliniko management plans are a great way to do that.

If you use a modern practice management system  like Cliniko then your ability to deliver professional management plans is made very simple.

This is video 1 of a 3-part education series on how to use Cliniko to deliver better patient experiences.



Watch Video 2 – Here               Watch Video 3 – Here


Management Plan Template

Full Transcription:

Welcome to Video 1 of a 3 part video series about how you can create great experiences for your clients using Cliniko.

At the end of this video, you’re going to get a template that you can use and implement straight away, so stick around.

Well hi there! My name is Daniel Gibbs. I’m the owner of Posture Podiatry and also the director of Clinic Mastery where we believe every patient deserves the royal treatment.

It’s about putting the care back into healthcare, consistently delivering experiences for your clients that are personalised, engaging and memorable.

It’s the client experience model and it’s been inspired by research into the best health outcomes and it’s the most effective business model for health professionals today.

What We’ll Cover

Right now, we’re going to look at how you can create a great experience for your clients by quickly and easily sending out professional-looking management plans in Cliniko.

At the end of this, you’re going to be able to grab a free copy of our plan so you can import it into Cliniko and start using it straight away.

We’re all about about implementation and this is powerful stuff.

Effective Management Plans

A management plan is the “What’s next” at the end of any appointment.

That means all health professionals use management plans every time they see a client.

It’s just that most are not communicated effectively, and sadly, a lot of plans never actually make it out of the clinical notes and into the hands of the client.

I mean saying to your client, “Give me a call in a few months if there’s still pain.” That is a management plan. But good management plans is about providing clarity for the client – clarity about the exact steps we can take in partnership with our patients to help them give back to doing what they love with a better body.

Look, to make this really easy to follow along, I’m going head over to Shane Davis who uses Cliniko across his ten clinics with multiple practitioners and disciplines, and you can watch his screen as he shows you how to set up a really important, professional-looking management plan in Cliniko.

Why We Use Management Plans

Thank you Daniel. Hello everyone, I’m Shane Davis and today, we will share with you an awesome and easy way to make professional management plans in Cliniko.

So we found in our clinics that clients love receiving management plans just like this one because number one, it gives them confidence that there’s a strategy for their treatment and we’re not just aimlessly wandering from one appointment to the next.

Number two, it provides the client with clarity about what’s wrong, why it’s there and the plan to get them back to their goals.

And number three, we found that clients stick to their appointments and it reduces cancellations and reschedules, because clients know exactly how important it is to get to the next appointment and why they’re there.

Now, it’s obviously up to you what you include in your management plans because each profession, each clinic, and each practitioner is different.

Today, I’ll share with you our management plan as a template, what we include and why we include it. So here it is as a final version in Cliniko as a PDF.

Layout of Management Plans

[3min] We love to provide real clarity in our management plans by including, number one, the client’s goals or what are the outcomes that they want to achieve, essentially the reason the client is here and what they’re hoping to achieve.

Number two, what’s wrong or what’s the diagnosis? If you don’t like the word ‘diagnosis’, you can change it to something like ‘roadblock’ or ‘problem’. You also see here that we’re using both a lay term like ‘what’s wrong’, and a technical term like ‘diagnosis’.

We link both the lay term and the technical term together so the client is easily able to understand and we maintain our professionalism.

Thirdly, ‘why is it there’ or the causative factors. Here’s a great opportunity to reveal to the client exactly why the problem is there.

Number four, ‘what do we do’ or our plan – the plan for what’s needed to get them back to their normal activity, including exercises, other practitioners to be involved in the treatment process, and really, that commitment to the journey.

[4min] Number five, time frame – how long it will take. This is an opportunity to set out the expected timeline for the client’s recovery and how you as a practitioner will be involved in that.

We can draw from our own knowledge and experience with similar conditions we’ve seen in the past. Be honest and set realistic expectations for both you and the client.

And lastly, review. It’s crucial to manage the client’s outcome by setting up an appropriate review or reviews. It’s even more important to let the client know why they’ll be seeing you and what they’ll be most likely to be doing to progress them at that time. This only needs to be brief and simple but it’s super, super important.

All this information is really valuable in the hands of the client because it empowers them to make good decisions about their outcomes and continuing care.

How to Create Management Plans in Cliniko

[5min] Now, setting up a management plan in Cliniko is also super easy.

We’re going to transfer across here to Cliniko. We use our treatment note template in Cliniko a little bit differently. This is obviously where you get the treatment note template. You can choose from a consultation or in this case, a management plan.

We fill in the details and then we export to PDF.

We’ll obviously help you set up a treatment note template that we use as a management plan, and I’ll show you how to do that.

The first thing is to create a clinical note template with the things that you would like to include in the management plan.

So as we’ve said, we’ll give you the template and you can manage it or run through your filter and change it as you need to.

When you see a client, simply do your clinical notes using this template, filling in the gaps with an overview of the consultation, which you can see that we’ve done here already.

Then, once you finished entering the details, you can save either as a draft or as a final. In this case, we’ll save as a draft.

[6min] What we’d then do is ‘Export to PDF’. That’s where the magic happens.

When you click this button, Cliniko will translate your clinical notes or your management plan into a professional, polished-looking management plan.

You can then print it out and hand it to the client.

You can of course still do other clinical notes if needed, but start with this and see how wowed they’ll be by the clarity and professionalism of your service.

Check out the link where we’ll provide a clinical note template for you to use in Cliniko.

Adding Management Plan Template to Your Cliniko

To put this in your Cliniko system, what we’re going to do is go to ‘Settings’, and then, across it, ‘Clients’, and then down to ‘Treatment note templates’.

Up here, you can see this button up the top here ‘Import from Cliniko file’ – this is where you need to select the template you’ve downloaded. It’s actually called a JSON file, and you’re ready to go.

[7min] I’ll now hand it back to Daniel and I look forward to helping you in the next two videos as part of this series.


Thanks Shane!

As you can see, it’s a really simple process to set up a management plan template in Cliniko.

When you start using management plans consistently, you’re going to start to see the absolute power in how it transforms your clients’ progress, your team, and your business.

Now remember, we’ve provided the template for you to download to use in Cliniko right away.

That means you can click on the link near this video and get it straight away. Go and do it right now; it’s really beneficial.

Now I know you’re all wondering, “This sounds like a lot of work and I don’t have time to create a management plan for my patients every time I see them.”

Well, in the next video, we’re going to show you a little secret for how they do all of this in under two minutes. (watch here)

It’s our secret tool to make it really easy. You won’t want to miss that. But for now, on behalf of all of us here in Clinic Mastery, thank you for your time in watching this.

We hope you found it helpful. And remember to always consult with passion and serve with care.

Watch Video 2 – Here

Watch Video 3 – Here

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