Commando Steve on What Makes a Good Leader | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 021

Commando Steve gives us some advice on personal development, leadership, business, and life in general in this special episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast.
Steve “Commando” Willis is a qualified fitness coach who also became well known as a trainer in Australia’s Biggest Loser.


“Pain, suffering and fear is real, but it’s not unique.”
“If people really want to test themselves, get out into nature. Do some hard stuff.”
“Surrender means to accept ‘now’ for what it is in this present moment.”
“What it comes down to is what you’re willing to do when the doors are closed, no one else is around and the lights are off – that’s when it counts.”
“We can conjure enough energy when we’ve got all eyes on us; but when it’s dark and cold – when you just don’t feel like doing it – what are you willing to do? That’s what makes you.”



  • [0:00:52.9]  The legacy Steve hopes to leave
  • [0:02:30.8]  How does Steve treat his children?
  • [0:07:05.0]  How Steve goes back to his center and finds quietness despite his busy schedule
  • [0:09:22.0]  Qualities that make a strong leader
  • [0:13:44.4]  Uncomfortable things Steve has to tackle as a businessman
  • [0:15:44.9]  How Steve improved in his communication skills
  • [0:17:39.4]  People Steve considers as his mentors
  • [0:22:43.5]  Steve’s golden advice for our listeners

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