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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 118

This week on the podcast, we sit down with the Co-Founder of the Lokko app, Joel Simpson, to talk about how Lokko can help simplify the recruitment process and help practitioners find work that fit their ideal schedule.

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  • [0:00:45.6]  Getting to know Joel Simpson
  • [0:03:30.0]  Transition from being a clinic owner to owning a software company
  • [0:05:23.6]  What it’s like to own a software company without any programming background
  • [0:06:46.9]  Healthcare recruitment statistics
  • [0:09:25.5]  What is a ‘locum’?
  • [0:11:58.1]  Problems that practitioners face when finding their own locum
  • [0:19:32.2]  Problems encountered by practice owners and how Lokko can help them with recruitment
  • [0:24:56.3]  How to use Lokko effectively
  • [0:27:11.8]  Get in touch with Joel and get to know more about Lokko



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