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Timbo Reid is a marketing keynote speaker and the host of The Small Business Big Marketing Show. Timbo specializes in showing business owners how to create an irresistible business through smart, results-focused marketing, and has conducted various marketing workshops throughout his career.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Better marketing for small businesses
  • Practical tips that can change your marketing strategy
  • Mindset and beliefs around marketing
  • Content creation strategy
  • Getting into the habit of consistently producing content
  • Hiring a virtual team to help you out with your marketing
  • How to make your business irresistible
  • Personalizing what you do
  • How to grow and reach more people with your podcast

There are lots of practical tips in this episode with regards to marketing, so make sure to check it out!


[easy-tweet tweet=”“The best marketing is personalized, and the best marketing is helpful.”” url=”clinicmastery.com/content-marketing-strategies-for-an-irresistible-business-with-timbo-reid” template=”light”]

“Marketing shouldn’t be slimy or salesy, and really what you are doing is you are helping your prospect or your customer make a more informed decision.”

“Quality content always outperforms beautifully produced content that’s not helpful.”

“We don’t have to use big words to do big things – we just need to be ourselves.”



  • [0:03:41.9]  Getting to know Timbo
  • [0:04:33.1]  Timbo explains what ‘helpful marketing’ means
  • [0:08:43.7]  Why educating your audience AND competitors is a great marketing strategy
  • [0:09:55.6]  How to start with consistently producing content
  • [0:12:28.1]  Creating content that targets your ideal clients
  • [0:14:25.3]  Marketing with your brand in mind, how hiring a copywriter could help you with your content
  • [0:17:07.5]  Thoughts on having a virtual team who manages your content
  • [0:20:09.9]  Perspectives on the business owner being the face of the marketing versus the team
  • [0:24:19.9]  Making your small business irresistible
  • [0:26:55.6]  Personalized marketing
  • [0:27:41.1]  Timbo’s final words about marketing
  • [0:30:14.3]  Practical tips about expanding the reach of a podcast

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