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On today’s episode, we have with us Nina Landsdowne, medical content writer and director of Word Prescription, a company that helps health professionals create amazing content for their website. She shares some tips on how to create content that drive conversions, how to write content that speaks to your audience, the biggest mistakes in writing copy for your website, how to start writing regularly for your site, SEO best practices and so much more!

There’s a lot of great advice for copywriting on this episode, so go check it out!


“It doesn’t matter how many people you reach; it matters how many patients you get from your marketing efforts.”

“Copy is targeted at those patients that are already looking for a solution or for help.”

“If you’re writing content that isn’t sparking controversy amongst your colleagues, you’re probably not doing it right.”



  • [0:00:51.8]  Getting to know Nina and what she does
  • [0:01:39.6]  Getting off the tools and managing the business
  • [0:02:40.9]  What successful content marketing looks like for Nina
  • [0:03:50.2]  Services offered by Word Prescription
  • [0:04:50.9]  Biggest mistakes in writing copy for your website
  • [0:06:43.3]  Using the right language for your target audience
  • [0:07:50.9]  Which one is more effective, a technical copy or a copy written in layman’s terms?
  • [0:11:16.9]  Tips on writing and editing copy for your prospect clients
  • [0:13:14.6]  How can clinic owners start writing their own content?
  • [0:15:12.7]  SEO tips and best practices
  • [0:18:15.9]  Advice for clinic owners who want to start writing their own content regularly
  • [0:21:01.9]  Creating content on your own versus hiring someone else to write content for your business
  • [0:22:50.7]  Contact Nina and the Word Prescription team!

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