Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 102 with Jack O'Brien and Daniel Gibbs

This week on the podcast, Jack and Ben give some advice on how you can have a more productive week by creating an ideal schedule. They discuss the difference between an ideal week versus a default week and give some tips on how you can organize tasks better so that you can be a more effective business owner.


“Set your default diary up in a way that allows you to be most productive on the themes and locations that work for you.”

“What you say ‘yes’ to determines what you say ‘no’ to.”



  • [0:01:46.3]  Ideal week VS Default week
  • [0:04:05.9]  Defining the diary by using themes
  • [0:05:47.8]  Defining the diary using locations
  • [0:07:43.1]  How to transition from a ‘default week’ schedule to an ‘ideal week’ schedule
  • [0:10:44.6]  The importance of listing down your tasks

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