Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 103 with Steven Taylor of Rehab Guru

We sit down with Simon Taylor of Rehab Guru to discuss how you can use their app to create customized exercise prescriptions and how you can use it to reinforce your clinic’s brand to your clients.

We also talk about integrations, the app’s advanced features, the importance of branding, and Simon’s career trajectory.


“You can be the best exercise prescriber on the planet, but if it’s done on just a piece of paper with a stick figure, the client might think that you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Branding and color could be seen as non-clinical or irrelevant, but I would emphasize to clinic owners that the client experience around branding really makes a difference to how patients perceive you.”

“If patients perceive you as an expert and enjoy the visual experience of your exercises, they’re probably more likely to adhere and more likely to get better outcomes.”



  • [0:00:52.8]  Getting to know Simon and his career trajectory
  • [0:04:04.5]  The Power of Branding and Creating Customised Prescriptions in Rehab Guru
  • [0:06:27.0]  How branding can affect treatment outcomes and patient adherence
  • [0:08:45.1]  Rehab Guru accessibility and useability
  • [0:10:22.4]  How to create customized prescriptions in Rehab Guru (and other features)
  • [0:12:26.8]  Advanced features of Rehab Guru
  • [0:14:35.2]  Common mistakes in using Rehab Guru
  • [0:15:57.1]  What’s next for Rehab Guru?
  • [0:17:53.8]  Rehab Guru integrations
  • [0:18:42.0]  Check out Rehab Guru online!
  • [0:20:28.2]  Simon’s parting words of wisdom for the listeners

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