Creating Video that Promotes and Converts with Ben Amos | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 056

Ben Amos from Engage Video Marketing joins us this week in the podcast to talk about the secret sauce behind creating amazing video content that promotes brand-awareness and converts viewers into clients.


“Once you’ve identified your audience, you’ll know what they want to know about.”
“What is your business objective from any piece of content?”
“Whatever the production decisions you make really should be the last decision you make.”
“The reality with human beings is that we buy with emotions, and we justify that decision with rational logic later.”
“The journey starts at the emotional end, but it becomes a rational decision of ‘Am I going to part with my cold, hard cash?’”
“You want to be using your content and the content of your [Facebook] Live in a way that encourages people to ask questions or interact or engage in those comments.”
“Doing any video is better than doing no video.”



  • [0:00:48.8]  Getting to know Ben Amos
  • [0:03:02.2]  Mistakes businesses make when it comes to video marketing, how businesses should really strategize their video content
  • [0:05:42.7]  How can video play a part in our overall business objective and strategy?
  • [0:06:09.6]  Seven elements to an Effective Online Video Strategy, Element #1. Audience
  • [0:06:37.1]  Element #2. Content
  • [0:06:49.0]  Element #3. Be clear with your business objectives for video production
  • [0:07:36.8]  Element #4. Distribution: Where are you supposed to post your video?
  • [0:08:17.6]  Element #5. Optimization: SEO, metadata
  • [0:09:03.7]  Element #6. Metrics
  • [0:09:51.9]  Element #7. Production
  • [0:10:33.6]  Strategic difference between brand-awareness content and conversion content
  • [0:15:24.5]  Tips to make your video content more effective
  • [0:16:50.0]  Ben talks about the “Full Funnel Video Strategy”
  • [0:17:13.3]  Secret Element #8. The Goal of Delight: How you can use video to address the advocates of your potential brand/service
  • [0:18:11.8]  How videos can help patients finish their client journey
  • [0:19:19.0]  Distribution: What kind of content works for different social media platforms?
  • [0:25:04.6]  What types of videos work on Facebook?
  • [0:29:43.0]  Do built-in captions perform better than the external captions file?
  • [0:31:02.0]  Difference in performance between a self-produced video and a professionally produced video
  • [0:35:20.0]  Resources for people who want to learn about video marketing

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