Daniel Gibbs: 6 Steps Coming Off the Tools, Reducing Clinical Reliance, and more | GYC Podcast E269

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 269

In this episode, we sit down with Daniel Gibbs, the co-founder of Clinic Mastery. Dan shares his expertise in creating scalable business systems and his journey from clinician to business owner.

He also delves into the challenges of transitioning and supporting team members through this process, while maintaining strong relationships with clients. 

The episode covers a six-step process for successfully and sustainably coming off the tools, emphasizing the importance of individualized growth and reducing reliance on specific team members.

  • 04:20 – “If you can’t take six weeks off in your business, then do you really have a business or do you just have a job?”
  • 21:32 – “Contrary to what popular belief might be, the most important person in any business is not the customer, not the team, it’s the owner.”
  • 24:33 – “The key is nominating a final date for consulting and absolutely committing to that date.”
  • 49:14 – “You really need to build a business that’s not reliant on you, and one of those processes is not being the main consulting practitioner in the business. In doing so, you allow the business to grow beyond you.”

00:00 Intro

00:30 Daniel’s Bio

02:26 Transitioning from clinician to business owner

10:36 Emotional journey coming off the tools/no longer seeing clients 

12:47 The “transfer of trust”

15:20 Financial certainty and reducing clinical reliance

19:50 Six steps to coming off the tools

21:15 Your new job description as a business owner

24:16 Picking the date and preparing the diary

29:40 Preparing your team

36:05 Preparing your clients 

44:44 Remain present in the business and to your team

50:17 Learn more about coming off the tools


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