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Joining with us this week is Daniel Gibbs, founding director of Clinic Mastery and owner of Posture Podiatry. He’s gonna be sharing with us his story of how he went from being a simple practitioner, to having his own clinic, and to winning the Telstra Business Award. He also shares with us how he managed to create excellent systems for his business and the secret to amazing client experiences.



“Don’t put your name on the sign, because if you put your name on the sign, then the business becomes heavily reliant on you.”

“What we do when we become business owners is we take on a whole new job description that is outside of what you’ve been trained for as a health professional.”





  • [0:00:32.9]  Daniel’s background
  • [0:01:48.5]  How Posture Podiatry came to be
  • [0:03:11.0]  Why it’s a bad idea to put your name on the sign
  • [0:08:08.5]  The importance of employing systems in your business
  • [0:08:35.7]  How Daniel managed to transfer his clients to other practitioners so he could have more time as a business owner
  • [0:10:18.9]  Establishing systems for your admin team to get some tasks off your list
  • [0:12:48.7]  Posture Podiatry’s secret to amazing client experiences and ultimately winning the Telstra Business Award
  • [0:16:43.1]  The birth of Clinic Mastery
  • [0:17:48.2]  Daniel’s purpose for doing business


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