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GYC Podcast Episode 101 with David Bartholomeusz

David Bartholomeusz is a serial entrepreneur and stay at home super dad who spends more time volunteering than working on his businesses, and more time with his kids than he does volunteering. He is known for his work in behavioural economics and applied evolutionary psychology and excels in organic growth of communities both in the private and voluntary sectors.

David is married to Sarah Bartholomeusz, the Goddess of Governance.

In this episode, we are going to learn about the science behind stress and burnout, the psychology of performance, and how you can hack your behavioral lattice. David also gives some practical advice and guidance on how to live your best life as a health professional in business.


“The entrepreneur has this blessing and this curse on them which is that when they see pain in their society or a dysfunction in the community, and they know they can figure out new ways to address old pains, they find themselves incapable of turning away from that.”

“The happiest life isn’t their best life. Their best life is where they’re extremely self-expressed by having an incredible impact on other human beings and experiencing that deep satisfaction.”

“If you feel like you’re burning out, that means that you are approaching a rite of passage or a crossroad in your life, and your subconscious is gearing you up for that, and that feels extremely uncomfortable.”

“Will power is good when you’re a teenager and you’re studying for an exam. But when you’ve got children, a practice, a partner and potentially an ex-partner, that’s too much! Willpower is not designed for that stuff. Systems and structures that allow us to develop habitual behaviors is what creates those long term, consistent, automatic choices that don’t require real power.”

“The whole body is driven by two things: pain and pleasure.”



  • [0:04:33.2]  Defining the role of an entrepreneur
  • [0:07:35.8]  Common challenges medical business owners encounter
  • [0:13:16.4]  The value of having a mentor or coach
  • [0:19:16.3]  What ‘burnout’ really means and the mental and physiological processes that happen when the body/mind experiences stress
  • [0:24:07.7]  Why willpower is NOT enough for you to start a habit
  • [0:26:49.1]  Creating environments that help us build good habits
  • [0:27:56.9]  Hacking your behavioral lattice
  • [0:35:12.6]  On overcoming burnout and the value of self-mastery
  • [0:38:20.4]  The impact of one good habit
  • [0:43:39.0]  Connect with David

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