This week, we have Paul Ramondo talking to us about all things digital marketing. He shares some of the best ways to target audiences or your ideal clients on social media, particularly through Facebook, and some tips on writing an effective copy that would speak to your audience.


“[Digital Marketing] is about telling and targeting a story or targeting an offer on a platform in which everyone is now spending their eyeballs on, or spending their focus and spending all their attention on.”
“Marketing is really just helping people find solutions to their problems where their attention is.”
“There’s a commercial reality to what we do, and if you’re not making a profit, then you’re going to go out of business and you’ll not be able to help anyone.”
“Even though we’ve done our research and we’ve built a data-driven approach to figure out what that avatar looks like, nothing’s going to beat the data that you have within your own clinic, and with the people who are already brand-aware.”



  • [0:01:10.9]  How Paul started his own digital marketing agency
  • [0:04:33.7]  Paul’s extensive experience with Facebook Ads
  • [0:06:26.2]  What Digital Marketing really is
  • [0:10:48.2]  Paul talks about the different kinds of digital platforms
  • [0:13:00.1]  Targeting people online
  • [0:14:27.5]  Parameters that we can target people according to and creating local awareness ads
  • [0:18:39.8]  Demographic and geographic targeting, plus little known audience targeting features that clinic owners can utilize
  • [0:26:50.5]  Other audience features clinic owners must know
  • [0:31:34.5]  Common things people do wrong when writing ads
  • [0:32:49.9]  Introducing yourself (clinic/services) to visitors who know nothing about your reputation
  • [0:34:11.8]  Running ads for people who have already visited your website
  • [0:36:25.3]  What kind of content (photos, videos, carousel, etc.) works best and what doesn’t?
  • [0:38:34.4]  Tips around writing copy
  • [0:43:09.9]  Learn more about Paul Ramondo

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