Educator and Physio Mick Hughes on Building An Online Presence | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 222

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 222

With a growing online learning platform and more than 72,000 followers on Instagram, Mick Hughes has successfully positioned himself both as an educator and as a leading authority in physio.

In this episode, Mick Hughes, Co-Founder and Director at Learn.physio, shares how he grew his social media presence and online education platform and also talks about how he deals with criticism online.

  • Rapid-fire questions: Reading/learning list, who inspires you, childhood dreams, a motto that you live by  [01:48] 
  • Mick’s physio story  [04:53]
  • How Mick built his reputation and following on social media  [07:59]
  • Sharing your knowledge on social media and facing criticism  [11:56]
  • Mick’s favorite social media platforms  [15:12]
  • How to manage your socials with so little time  [16:20]
  • Types of social media content Mick creates  [18:16]
  • Origin story of Learn.Physio  [20:14]
  • What it’s like to manage an online educational system  [24:51]
  • Mick’s advice to clinic owners  [30:15]


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