Effective Sales Strategy For Welcome Room Products | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 116

In this episode, Shelley Jacobson from Flexi Pillow talks about how we can enrich the client experience for our patients through the use of innovative products, how to maximize retail experience for patients, and how clinics can get the most out of their product suppliers.


  • How to get better at selling your products
  • The benefits of having demo products for patients to try out
  • How to present your products in the welcome room
  • Creating a sales pitch
  • Why Flexi Pillow is so great

And many more! Make sure to listen to the full episode.




  • [0:01:48.5]  Getting to know Shelley
  • [0:03:13.1]  About Flexi Pillow
  • [0:04:40.8]  How health professionals can be effective in selling products
  • [0:09:26.1]  How can clinics get the best out of their sales reps?
  • [0:12:01.5]  Would it be beneficial to have demo products for patients to try out?
  • [0:12:37.1]  Tips on how to present your products in welcome room spaces
  • [0:13:59.6]  How to pitch products to clients
  • [0:16:06.7]  What makes Flexi Pillow so great?
  • [0:18:21.2]  Difference between memory foam and latex
  • [0:21:48.5]  Get in touch with Shelley and Flexi Pillow!
  • [0:22:49.5]  Final words of wisdom

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