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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 142

Robert Sztar is a Pharmacist and the Founder of Scripts For You, a pharmacy that puts client engagement at the forefront of their services and which uses new technologies to enhance their clients’ experience.

In this episode, Robert talks about how investing in new tech actually affects your branding and how it can improve client experience and set your business up for growth.



  • [0:01:44.4]  Getting to know Robert Sztar
  • [0:02:20.9]  Rapid-fire questions: reading/audible list, who inspire you, childhood aspirations, life motto
  • [0:06:27.8]  How Robert found his love for Pharmacy and how he started his own practice
  • [0:09:43.4]  How to step out and just push through with your plans
  • [0:11:09.9]  Technologies that enhances client experience in pharmacies
  • [0:14:30.4]  How Robert and his team created a more personal experience for their clients
  • [0:15:54.2]  The role of technologies in creating better client engagement
  • [0:18:28.4]  What clients think about the improved client engagement
  • [0:20:34.6]  How new tech and systems impacts your brand and credibility
  • [0:24:55.0]  The impact of Robert’s tech journey to the medical and allied health community
  • [0:28:24.6]  How Robert manages his role as a practitioner and a business owner
  • [0:30:21.0]  Connect with Robert



“If you believe that the world can be different, you need to have the courage to go out and execute it.”






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