Karen Finnin, founder of Online Physio, joins us this week for another episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast.
She is a physiotherapist by trade and now practices all over the world using telehealth. She’ll be sharing to us her story, challenges and solutions she’s encountered in building her business, and the progress she’s bringing to physiotherapy and allied health in general through telehealth and online consulting.
You can look forward to a great episode!


“The key to any sort of resistance that you get is understanding where they (customers) are coming from.”
“The Australian Physio Association have now done a wonderful job of beginning the process of advocating with the private health insurance parties to introduce the concept of rebates for private health insurance purposes.”
“Know who your ideal client is and be there in the world where they spend time in to be able to provide a solution if and when they need it.”



  • [0:00:50.6]  Karen’s background and story
  • [0:02:46.9]  Technologies Karen used when she was still starting out her business seven years ago
  • [0:04:41.5]  At what stage did Karen decide to go all-in with telehealth?
  • [0:05:27.0]  Craziest place in the world where Karen did a physio consult
  • [0:06:40.7]  How telehealth actually works: infrastructure, tools, etc. needed to set up an online healthcare business, accommodating a client/patient
  • [0:09:24.5]  The purposes of getting your clients to fill out the forms first before the actual call/online appointment
  • [0:11:33.3]  Challenges encountered while running an online healthcare business
  • [0:14:36.2]  How to deliver treatments and the framework of funding in the telehealth space
  • [0:17:23.2]  Features of Physitrack that Karen makes use of in her business
  • [0:23:11.3]  How Karen was able to attract the right kind of clients for her business
  • [0:25:34.7]  How Karen handles being a practitioner and businesswoman, and managing the tech needs of her business
  • [0:29:08.0]  Karen’s message to business owners who are struggling to innovate
  • [0:31:32.6]  Where to learn more about Karen and how she runs her online healthcare business

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