As a clinic owner, there are top business changes you can make to help lay the foundation for sustainable changes. There are more but we are looking at the top things you can do in the business sense to help you grow your clinic in long term.

business growth(1/5) DASHBOARDS

Number one is what we call dashboards. To actually understand the numbers inside your business, some of the Clinical Excellence Indicators, i.e.  the performance practitioners in each location at attracting new clients converting or enrolling them into the appropriate management planning, and ensuring that they’re making progress and getting the outcomes they need and deserve. We are also looking at things like rebooking percentage, or cancellations, client’s lifetime value, and even the  client loyalty average.

So we want a dashboard and actually understand your numbers. It’s a really quick thing you can do to know what do to work on growing your clinic because numbers don’t lie.


Number two, as an extension of that, is the rolling breakeven with a spreadsheet that we use with clinic owners to help them understand each week. How many appointments do they need to have in the diary, how many people do they need to serve to be able to actually breakeven in their business financially?

And then, we can play with some of the variables to look at. If we were to hire, what would that mean for that breakeven. We can also forecast a little bit and understand you know if we’re to have an influx or if we are to retain clients better. What would that actually look like for our rolling breakeven and get somewhat of a forecast for the financials in the weeks and months to come?


The third thing that we love to do is set a structure and frequency of one to one, team meetings to actually connect with the individuals in your team, not just in a clinical sense which is important, but in a personal mentoring sense – to actually connect with the human being that is on your team, to actually connect with them.

Find out what’s going on in their world and really help them achieve their goals. Because, they are showing up to work each day to also help you achieve your goals as an owner and director of the clinic. So, it’s in our best interest to collaborate with them and really make this fulfilling work for one another.


If you haven’t increased your fees in a while or you’ve been reliant on third parties as to your fee schedule, perhaps it’s time to look at increasing the fees and charging what you’re worth. Add value even more so to your clients with the additional revenue that you will take from those increased fees. It’s another way to level up the client experience that you can provide.


The next change is what we call management plans or treatment plans, the actual tangible written version, whether it’s printed or emailed digital. It is the actual plan that a patient gets and enrolls into at the very beginning of their care after you’ve provided a quality assessment and diagnosis.

What is the treatment plan towards the outcomes that they’re looking to achieve? We want to make sure that they have clarity and a vision. A sense of clarity over the outcomes of what you’re working towards together in their health, in that partnership and that alliance.

So we want to make sure that we’ve given them a plan of attack over the next coming weeks or sessions. And also that it’s clearly written and in layman’s terms so that they can enroll into it, they can share with their  significant other, their spouse, their parents and/or caregivers. It is for them that they can stick to that plan and everyone gets the best possible outcome.

Inside the Business Academy, we can work with you to achieve these key changes. There are things that you could even do if you’re not a member of the Business Academy. But these are the things that we’ve found of most impact. We’d love to get stuck into it and implement into a clinic as soon as we possible can so that we can create a sustainable level of change and a good foundation. We can base a lot of these changes off as the weeks and months progress.

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