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Being a great leader is not only about having excellent executive skills; what separates a good leader from a great leader is how they’re able to influence and inspire people to take action. To do this, one must be an excellent communicator.

And so on today’s podcast, we are going to talk about the five key foundations of verbal communication and how you can apply it in your role as a business owner.


“Your primary skill as a leader is your ability to create change. And the number one thing you need to do below that is communication.”

“If you can’t inspire people, connect them to a path or get them on board, then you’re going to face some resistance.”

“Our ability to communicate will directly affect our ability to influence change on a personal level.”



  • [0:02:50.9]  First Foundation: Rate of Speech
  • [0:03:21.1]  Second Foundation: Pitch or Melody
  • [0:03:58.6]  Third Foundation: Tone
  • [0:04:52.8]  Fourth Foundation: Volume
  • [0:05:42.6]  Fifth Foundation: Pauses
  • [0:07:32.0]  Ben’s challenge for the listeners

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