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Let’s talk about focus. We hear about focus all the time. There are thousands of books about it and lessons for it; but here are some practical examples that you can put into place straight away to help you grow your clinic.

The thing about the myth of multitasking is just that it is a myth. It is impossible to multitask effectively and efficiently. You might say that you can and that it works for you, but that will never be as efficient as if you focused on one thing at a time until completion.

So here are some ways that you can ingrain practical focus into your everyday, into your clinic, into your life. And it all starts with you.


(1/3) Morning routines

Mornings are really important. It’s spoken about all over the internet and by all the experts that having a morning routine really helps set your day up for productivity, efficiency, outcomes, and results. We’re not going to go into the specifics of a routine but suffice to say that in your morning routine, whether it’s five minutes or 55 minutes, that you spend some time getting some clarity and focus around your intentions for the day.

So that’s point number one. In your morning routine, how can you ingrain focus? Here’s how I do it. I have a journal and each day I sit down and write out the three things that I’m grateful for and my intention for the day. Then, I put it down on proverbial paper, that’s actually an app in my phone. I define my one focus, my intention for the day, what will I get done.


team huddle(2/3) Huddle

Then, second thing that we do, as a Clinic Mastery team on a daily basis, is we have a huddle. We do it virtually because our team is spread out all around Australia but you might do this in your clinic in a face-to-face huddle. And we ask ourselves questions when it comes to focus:

What will you work on today? What’s the one thing that no one else can do that you will nail? What’s your win? And what’s your focus? What do you need help with?

Whether they follow up with you or not, that remains to be said. But not only does it bring focus, but it brings accountability, to share that with your team gives you some level of accountability.


team accountability(3/3) Peer Accountability

Third is using peer accountability. So here’s how it works for me. I have an accountability group made up of peers and mentors from a business community that I’m a part of. When I need to do something, I would jump into our online community, whether it’s on Slack or a Facebook group, wherever it might be for that particular group, and I would say, “Hey guys and girls, here’s what I’m working on. I need to get my inbox down to inbox zero and it might be 2:14 p.m. in the afternoon, I’m going to get this done by 3 o’clock. And I’m in a screenshot my inbox when it’s complete.”

And so, I’ve literally given myself 46 minutes to get a job done with external accountability and a proof or a trigger that it’s done.

To be able to define your intentions personally, share it as a team, and hold each other accountable, means that you are constantly thinking about. What is the best use of my time? Which task is important, not just urgent? What do I need to delegate? What do I need to automate? How can I be the best version of me?

Today’s Challenge

Inside the Business Academy, we often talk about Execution to the Point of Mastery. When you’re working on something, focus is so important. Maybe you’ve got a team workshop, or perhaps, you’re rolling out dashboards management plans, systemizing your business, polishing your financials. When you focus on it relentlessly, a mentor of mine says that a mono-maniacal focus, focus to the point of being a maniac. To get to that point of mastery is where you’ll see outcomes

So my challenge to you today is: to what degree do you implement focus? If you had to score yourself out of seven, are you a seven out of seven mono-maniacally focused on driving outcomes. Or are you easily distracted multitasker, shift and change with the shape of the sands? What is it for you?

Get focused, get stuff done, keep the main thing!

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