Gamifying Rewards and Recognition Using Bonusly | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 025

Jack and Ben talks about rewarding and reinforcing your clinic’s values to your team members with an app called Bonusly. What it does is it encourages your team members to recognize one another and rewards any team member for when they’re living up to your values.


“When was the last time you recognized your team in a systemized way according to your values?”
“What Bonusly does is it gamifies rewards and recognition among your team. Now, what we’re able to do in a systemized way is for my team to recognize each other according to our values that we’ve all collectively defined.”
“The intention here is to have almost a social recognition model where your team members are recognizing one another. It doesn’t have to just come from the top down, and it’s based on the values of your business.”



  • [0:02:21.5]  Learn how to define your clinic’s values to your team members
  • [0:03:47.0]  Introducing Bonusly, a tool to gamify rewards and recognition
  • [0:05:07.4]  How Bonusly works
  • [0:07:15.4]  Is there still a need to give out Christmas bonuses/gifts when you’re already implementing Bonusly?

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