Growth Strategies for Clinics During a Crisis | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 173

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 173

In times like this, it is our best interest as clinic owners to keep our staff and practitioners well-supported. To do that, we have to be thriving as businesses despite the economic slowdown.

In this episode, Cathy Love from Nacre Consulting and Jack O’Brien share their wisdom on how they are coping with the current COVID-19 pandemic. They also talk about leadership during the pandemic, the big role telehealth is playing in connecting with clients and keeping the team together, and finding opportunities during and after the crisis.

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  • [0:01:23.8]  About Cathy Love
  • [0:03:41.5]  Talking about ideal clients
  • [0:06:21.6]  Challenges to learning how to lead inspired teams, crafting systems, and building a business
  • [0:08:25.9]  When’s the right time to look for a coach?
  • [0:10:19.7]  How clinic owners are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis
  • [0:12:06.6]  Factors that help clinics thrive through the pandemic
  • [0:12:48.7]  The importance of leadership during this crisis
  • [0:16:21.3]  Clever and creative solutions clinic owners implemented during this pandemic
  • [0:18:31.0]  Jack’s thoughts on the power of telehealth of putting businesses in a global market
  • [0:19:47.7]  How telehealth and effective systems can make you more productive and profitable
  • [0:22:20.3]  Is telehealth a long-term solution?
  • [0:25:34.1]  What will it be like for clinic owners once this crisis is controlled?
  • [0:28:18.7]  How Jack is orienting his team during the crisis
  • [0:30:48.2]  What will change and what will stay the same
  • [0:33:53.9]  Opportunities we have after the crisis
  • [0:36:11.5]  Practical steps to executing your 12m plans amidst the pandemic




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