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This week, we have one of our Admin Mastery mentors, Brigid Linden, to talk about hiring and recruiting people into your admin team. She shares her hiring process and some tips to help you identify the right person for your team, and also talks about the lessons she’s learned in leading and managing her admin team.


“We definitely recruit largely on culture and character. I make it known in our job advertisements that we’re not necessarily looking for people with experience.”



  • [0:01:08.8]  Getting to know Brigid Linden
  • [0:03:45.8]  Brigid’s role in the clinic
  • [0:04:32.5]  Standards for hiring new admin team members
  • [0:06:06.5]  How to know if the person’s a good fit for your admin team
  • [0:07:55.7]  Lessons learned from refining the recruitment process
  • [0:09:21.3]  Encouraging the admin team to embrace training and scripts
  • [0:11:20.8]  Training system for the admin team
  • [0:12:27.3]  Training through role-playing
  • [0:13:16.7]  How frequently does Brigid meet with her admin team
  • [0:14:45.0]  How to measure the effectiveness of the admin team
  • [0:16:16.9]  Tools used to manage admin team activities
  • [0:18:50.5]  Lessons learned in leading an admin team
  • [0:19:59.3]  Check out Brigid and her team!

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