Habits and Tools That Can Help You Sleep Better and Improve Your Productivity | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 191

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 191

James Swanwick, Founder of Swanwick Sleep, talks about how blue light can affect our sleep patterns and answers our questions about blue light blocking glasses. James also talks about how sleep can affect our productivity and overall quality of life, and presents some solutions on how we can get better sleep.

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Rapid-fire Questions
  • [0:01:19.2]  James’s Reading and Learning List
  • [0:02:02.9]  Who inspires you
  • [0:02:55.1]  Childhood aspiration
  • [0:03:46.4]  Motto you live by

“Just do it, and do it now.”

James’s Career Journey
  • [0:04:19.0]  The story behind how he became an ESPN news anchor
  • [0:06:27.8]  From news anchor to becoming an entrepreneur
  • [0:09:44.9]  What inspired James to make bluelight-blocking glasses
Correlation Between Light and Sleep
  • [0:13:08.2]  Impact of light on sleep
  • [0:13:30.3]  Benefits of quality sleep
  • [0:17:04.6]  Tools to make us sleep better, resetting our circadian rhythm
Other Tips for Better Sleep
  • [0:19:21.5]  The thing about coffee
  • [0:20:12.7]  About exercise and temperature
  • [0:21:00.8]  On alcohol and food
  • [0:21:49.0]  Are all blue light blockers created equal?
Sleep and Alcohol and Why James Quit Drinking
  • [0:24:06.6]  Why James quit drinking
  • [0:26:35.2]  How James’s life has changed after he quit drinking
  • [0:27:46.6]  How quitting alcohol has made people’s lives better
  • [0:30:01.0]  Overcoming anxieties around quitting drinking alcohol
  • [0:33:28.4]  Connect with James and know more about his work

“The best thing you can possibly do for your sleep is to literally never use artificial light again and live your life by candlelight.”

“As soon as you wake up, go outside, let the natural light hit your skin. Because our skin has receptors on it, and when the sunlight hits our skin, it tells our circadian rhythm that it’s now daytime. This will help you sleep later on.”

“If you can avoid drinking coffee for the first 30 minutes, that would be beneficial for you. Studies have shown that if you drink coffee in the first 30 minutes when you wake up, it actually keeps your cortisol levels very high for longer.”

“If you’re going to exercise, you should exercise in the morning. Studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning sleep better over the course of a lifetime.”

“If you drink alcohol two hours before you go to sleep, that would compromise your sleep quality.”


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