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107 - Harvee Pene on Building a Purposeful and Profitable Business | Grow Your Clinic Podcast

Harvee Pene from Inspire: Life-Changing Accountants shares the inspiring story of how he survived cancer and how this experience changed the way he did business forever. Harvee talks about building a business with a purpose and how we can reinforce these values and mission to our team members. He also talks about how you can pull more money, time and happiness from your business and how your business can change people’s lives on a global scale.

Harvee is a TEDx speaker and has spoken on stage alongside his business idol, Michael E. Gerber.  He is also the founder of Accountants For Good – a global movement that disrupts a very ‘old school’ accounting industry. Co-author of Cashed Up: the 7 step method to pull more money, time and happiness from your business, and Ambassador for Thankyou Water and B1G1, Harvee’s passion for spreading the good knows no bounds.

As a numbers person, Harvee believes that family is number one. His mission is to create a business that gives him the freedom to always put family first and to help others do the same. In doing this, his mission to make a difference in the world will be accomplished.


“If you’re not changing lives, your business may be numbered.”

“I guess the hardest thing we have to do is to be an example as the leader and the founder, to be the walking embodiment of the values that we want to see in our team.”

“Inspire before you expire.”



  • [0:03:37.1]  Do good and inspire others: Harvee explains his philosophy in life and lessons he’s learned as a cancer survivor
  • [0:08:25.9]  How surviving cancer changed the way he did business
  • [0:13:15.8]  Rebranding accountants, origins of Inspire, and their mission and vision
  • [0:15:28.6]  Inspire’s hiring process and how they train their staff and accountants to deliver results that are in line with their purpose
  • [0:19:20.2]  How to maintain the momentum and keep people accountable with each other
  • [0:28:48.9]  7 Steps to Pull More Money, Time and Happiness From Your Business
  • [0:35:46.0]  Harvee’s mentors and how they helped him grow as a person and as a businessman
  • [0:37:32.1]  The 17 Global Goals for Development and how you can be more purposeful
  • [0:47:14.2]  Resources to help you find your business’ purpose
  • [0:50:40.1]  Final thoughts

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