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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 105 with Ben Lynch

In this episode, we’ll be talking about your admin team and how you can help them embrace the value of systems in your clinic.

You see, as we’re going through this journey of growing our clinic, we’re looking to automate the daily tasks and operations of your practice so that it doesn’t solely rely on you or on anyone else in your business.

The challenge that we’re faced with is that the admin team often feel like you are taking away their significance, worth, and value by adding these systems. But that’s not the case. And so, we need to help them understand where their value lies and let them know that they still have a significant role in bringing in a great client experience.

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“The value of a receptionist is to provide a reception to a patient, whether over the phone or through email or in person. It’s literally to receive a person, to make them feel invited and cared for.”

If you’d like help training your admin and receptionist, or perhaps you’ve implemented a change in the past that hasn’t really stuck, come along to one of our Grow Your Clinic Workshops where we can spend two days together, workshopping a plan for sustainable change, for engaging your team in that change.

We’d love to work with you there.

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