Hiring Assets You Need To Attract The Right Talent | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 215

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 215

Hiring season is here again!

With this opportunity on the horizon, we want to make sure that we have systems and assets in place for hiring the right people for our clinic. After all, having a great clinic culture all starts with recruiting the right people to your team.

Now the question is, what kinds of assets and processes do we need to put in place to make sure we hire the right people?

In this episode, Ben talks about how we can attract the right talent by creating assets for hiring. He also talks about the different kinds of content we can make and “selling” a career in the marketplace.

  • Selling a career in the marketplace  [02:10]
  • Key assets for hiring  [03:26]
  • Other assets you can make for your hiring process  [05:25]

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