Hiring Physio New Grads: 7 Steps to Maximize Your Success

Hiring Physio New Grads Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

You might be thinking about hiring physio new grads into your clinic, but you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do and how you would attract the right practitioner.

As a recent new graduate i’ve heard some good and bad stories about my peers.

While having conversations with my peers, I quickly came to realise that some clinic owners were doing a better job of hiring physio new grads than others.

In my opinion it comes down to building good relationships with your team.

As a keen business mind I can also understand how challenging it can be when hiring physio new grads, you want to make sure you get the right skills and culture fit.

After speaking with the Clinic Mastery team who help 100’s of clinic owners hire new grads as part of their Business Academy, I thought that I could offer a perspective from the other side, the new grad experience.

In this article, i’m going to share the 7 steps that I have observed to be the most successful when hiring physio new grads.

The 7 Steps to Maximise Your Success when Hiring Physio New Grads are:

  1. Create A Safe Environment To Ask Questions
  2. Formal and Systematic Induction Training
  3. Regular Formal and Informal Mentoring
  4. Gradually Build their Case Load
  5. Consult Them In Your Product & Service Evolution
  6. Provide Autonomy & Encourage Independence
  7. Provide Opportunities For Growth & Development


What to do when hiring physio new grads

I took note of these important points and created the list below to summarize the feedback provided by my peers and myself with the hope that this information can shed light into a new-graduate health practitioners’ perception regarding effective strategies when recruiting new-grads.

1 of 7 – Create A Safe Environment To Ask Questions

Having strong rapport with new-grads where they feel safe to communicate with you might be the single most important thing that differentiates between good experiences and great experiences that new-grads may have working for a company.

It plays an important role in how much they contribute to the company.

This can be established by regularly communicating and encouraging your new-grads to share their thoughts with you and being open to their thoughts.

2 of 7 – Formal & Systematic Induction Training

When a new-grad is hired, there should be a process where they learn about the origins of your company, the mission it sets out to pursue and the purpose on what drives the company.

This is important to maximize new-grad motivation as it’ll help them understand why they’re doing what they do.

Your clinic might have a specific protocol that you follow.

My peers who had these types of formal training programs reported enjoying working at those clinics more.

3 of 7 – Regular Formal & Informal Mentoring

It is important for new-grads to receive feedback (both good and bad) and providing them with opportunities to communicate back with you.

This helps them reflect on their actions and grow to become better physiotherapists.

4 of 7 – Gradually Build their Case Load

Too many patients too soon can lead to burn-out.

New-grads are coming from a place of being seated at a table for over eight hours a day to study for years to suddenly now working on our feet with patients at least eight hours a day.

Too many patients in the early stages may lead to burn-out, which comes at a cost for both the employee and employer.

5 of 7 – Consult Them In Your Product & Service Evolution

It might be a good idea when hiring physio new grads to talk to them to see if there is anything that they would like to use but isn’t currently available as it may be worth the investment to better treat patients.

6 of 7 – Provide Autonomy & Encourage Independence

There is a book called Drive, by Dan Pink where the author mentions that providing employees with autonomy helps improve their intrinsic motivation to take action.

This autonomy trains the new-grads to think more independently and helps improve their clinical reasoning skills.

That-being-said, it should also be clear that they can safely approach you when they come across instances where they aren’t sure what to do.

7 of 7 – Provide Opportunities For Growth & Development

Early on, new-grads should become aware of how they’ll grow and develop over the years working for your company.

If they see these opportunities, then they are more likely to be invested in your company and will be more motivated to reach that goal.


You will succeed if you focus on building the relationship with your new grad.

Communication and structure is key to your relationship.

If you can reverse engineer the person you’re hiring then you’ll be able to meet their needs.

You can even use the 7 Steps above in your marketing material when you’re advertising to hire physio new grads.

I wish you all the best in the hiring process as you grow your clinic!

Until Next Time
Live with Passion and Serve with Care

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