How Tech Entrepreneurship is Changing Healthcare | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 237

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 237

This week on the podcast, we have Barry Nguyen, Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Physio Practitioner, and Co-Founder of HealthAide, and he talks about how his passion for helping people has led him into the tech startup world.

Barry also gives practical advice to clinic owners who want to venture into tech entrepreneurship, how to manage risks and handle failures, and how their digital service company, HealthAide, can help clinic owners and clients alike.

  • [01:13]  Rapid-fire questions: reading/learning list, who inspires you, childhood dream, motto you live by
  • [08:08]  How to manage risks and handle failures as a startup Founder
  • [10:50]  Practical advice for clinic owners who want to dabble in tech ventures
  • [13:24]  Finding purpose between physio and tech
  • [18:20]  Why Barry still practices physio
  • [20:21]  Staying grounded
  • [22:39]  Connect with Barry


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