How to Create a Values-Driven Business (Part 1) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 057

In this two part series of creating a values-driven business, Jack talks about the four core values of Clinic Mastery and why having a values-driven business is important.


“The reality is core values are more than just words; they need to be core actions.”
“Values are the principles that govern and guide how you act or how you behave, the expressions of your culture.”
“Core values are not something that you create; it’s something that you identify, and then amplify.”
“If you haven’t defined your core values and created practices and behaviors around them, you’re simply leaving your culture up to chance.”



  • [0:01:42.9]  Clinic Mastery backstory: How we created our own core values
  • [0:03:53.9]  What are core values?
  • [0:06:26.9]  Why core values are necessary for your health business
  • [0:08:13.5]  The Four Clinic Mastery Core Values
  • [0:08:49.0]  Core Value #1. Keep it real
  • [0:09:17.6]  Core Value #2. Make it happen
  • [0:09:39.1]  Core Value #3. Bring the energy
  • [0:10:39.1]  Core Value #4. Be outcome-focused

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