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This episode is the second part in the two-part series about creating a values-driven business. Jack walks us through the four questions that can help draft our business’s values, and some examples on how it can be applied to your own practice.
Here’s the link to the first part of the series.


“Do not start with your team. Start with yourself.”
“If core values simply become posters on the wall and arbitrary pages in a folder somewhere, they are useless.”
“Values are the things that we already do. You just need to identify them through a reflection process, and then once they’ve been identified, refined and crystallize, you need to amplify them.”
“You amplify core values by deliberately infusing them into your decision-making and action-taking.”
“There is no shortage of ideas in the world, but they need to align with our core values.”
“You need to use your core values as a filter for your action-taking and decision-making.”



  • [0:01:41.1]  How the process of creating a values-driven business begins
  • [0:02:30.2]  Questions that help identify your core values, Question #1. What are some core sayings or phrases that you’ve used in your work to reflect how we go about our business?
  • [0:03:00.4]  Question #2. How do we want our clients to describe their experience with us?
  • [0:03:37.2]  Question #3. When we are at our best as a team and as practitioners, what are we doing to get into that state?
  • [0:04:15.4]  Question #4. What expectations do we have for our communication, internally and externally?
  • [0:05:40.5]  Narrowing down the core values you’ve listed
  • [0:08:16.1]  How our team at Clinic mastery apply our values on a daily basis, #1. Celebrating team and client wins inside of Slack each week
  • [0:08:49.0]  #2. Make decisions on who joins the team based on how well they reflect and align with these core values
  • [0:09:05.5]  #3. Using values as a guide in drafting ideas and strategies
  • [0:10:11.5]  #4. Establishing values as the standard of excellence
  • [0:10:38.5]  #5. Tone, style and practicality of the content published must align with values
  • [0:11:03.4]  #6. Values drive peer reviews

If you need some advice about creating a values-driven business and how to apply it to your business, maybe you have some questions, feedback, or any ideas for future episodes, you can reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “Podcast Help”, and Jack will personally make sure to get back to your message.

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