How to Keep Yourself Focused On Your Long-Term Goals | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 206

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 206

The first quarter of the year is over! How productive have you been so far? Were you able to meet all of your goals?

If you find yourself getting distracted or uninspired recently, this episode might just help you get out of that business slump.

In this episode, Ben and Pete share some advice on how to achieve long-term goals, the importance of having a ‘desire statement’ in goal setting, and how to break down those big goals into simple, actionable steps.

  • What is a Business Planner Toolkit?  [00:37]
  • What are considered ‘high value’ tasks?  [04:42]
  • Breaking down big goals into small, achievable tasks  [06:03]
  • How to stay focused and achieve your goals  [08:04]

“If you’re looking at a big goal, break it down into smaller, more achievable tasks that you can do consistently.”


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