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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 228

The recruitment process is probably one of the most challenging aspects of growing a business. It’s also one of the most crucial first steps in ensuring that you continue to cultivate a healthy work culture.

But it is time-consuming and can overwhelm clinic owners who are also in a recruiter role. So how can we simplify this process so that we can spend less time on it but still be able to hire quality talent?

In this episode, Michael Bradley, Head of Partnership at Employment Hero, talks about how we can improve our recruitment process using tech and how Employment Hero can help us manage our team members easily.

He also talks about how culture impacts your business and how to cultivate a healthy work culture in a remote environment.

  • Rapid-fire question: Reading/Learning List, who inspires you, childhood aspiration, motto you live by  [01:08]
  • Workspace design lessons we can learn from Dropbox  [07:08]
  • What is Employment Hero and how does it help employers?  [08:25]
  • What role does tech play in an on-boarding experience  [09:31]
  • Improve your hiring process  [12:37]
  • How tech can make your hiring process easier  [15:49]
  • How to create a healthy work culture in a remote environment  [19:16]
  • Why is culture important and how does it impact your business?  [25:31]
  • Get to know more about Employment Hero  [27:18]


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