How to Win at Work, in Business, and in Your Family Life | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 119

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 119

Sarena Jones is a Clinical Occupational Therapist, Director at Allied Health Support Services, and Founder of the Australian Allied Health Awards. In this episode, Sarena talks about what inspired her to start her business and how she juggles being a parent, running a business, and being a professional.

We also explore her ‘give it a crack’ mentality and how that served her really well to make momentum happen in business and see where it goes by exploring her creative energy.

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  • [0:03:19.8]  Getting to know Sarena
  • [0:08:16.8]  Some things that changed after Sarena had kids
  • [0:13:49.1]  How Sarena works on her business without sacrificing family time
  • [0:15:46.5]  The relationship between self-awareness and productivity
  • [0:18:27.2]  About the Allied Health Support Services
  • [0:21:19.9]  The evolution of the Australian Allied Health Awards
  • [0:24:06.2]  What is the purpose of the Australian Allied Health Awards?
  • [0:26:48.9]  Selection criteria for the Australian Allied Health Awards
  • [0:30:05.9] The common denominator among high performance professionals
  • [0:35:13.6]  Inspiring stories from winners of the Australian Allied Health Awards
  • [0:38:57.1]  Sarena’s advice on how to be an award-winning health professional
  • [0:40:54.6]  Connect with Sarena and get to know more about the Australian Allied Health Awards



“In business, you need to pivot all the time; you need to learn to adapt or else, you’re dead in the water.”

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, then you have to go and give it a crack.”






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