As a clinic owner, we have the technical clinical skills, but as far as business is concerned, we didn’t have the training. You need a good mentorship. A business mentor might be from different industry, a coffee industry perhaps, but regardless, one will help you through out your business journey.

In business, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Whatever problem you have or you think you are having, someone else in the world has experienced it. Someone else has been where you are.

Importance of  a Mentor

1. Asking the Right Questions

The beauty of a quality mentor is his or her ability to ask the right question, the hard questions in your business journey. A mentor who has walked the journey or gone down the path that you want to go down. He or she can see what’s going on, can see things that you are unable to see clearly.

2. Seeing Things from a Perspective

As mentioned above, a mentor can be from a different industry from yours. A mentor like that can see things from a different perspective. Perhaps, a perspective very different from yours is what you exactly need. A perspective you never thought would apply to your business.

3. Makes You Accountable

A mentor can keep you accountable and help you achieve the goal that you are marking. Sometimes, we get too lenient to ourselves and we allow too much compromises and no one would know. A mentor can help you from this and can keep you on tab and see if you are really working out towards your goal.

Getting a Mentor

There are lots of coaching and mentoring services around now. When you are considering getting yourself a mentor, you know you’re gonna be paying for a service. So, you have to make sure you get a good return in your investment.

What you need to do is to interview them. Are they someone whom you can relate to? Is it someone who’s gonna hold you accountable? Do you think they have the skill in asking the right questions?

Importance of Training

In having a mentor, you have to know that you really get the best out of teachings and lessons you went through. But you don’t understand something until you can teach someone else so they can teach someone else. So, one must also learn the ability to mentor someone else.

You may train your team yourself, or you may engage them to training outside. The thing is, as far as training goes, you cannot assume that everyone has got the point you’re making. It’s part of being human, we don’t always absorb and integrate everything fully the first time we hear it.

Repetition is the mother of skill. -Tony Robbins 

So, repetition definitely comes into it. Mastery of something comes to each time of refining throughout these repetition. But, if you use the same script, the same pattern every time, everyone can get pretty bored with that as well. That means, you need to be creative, structured, and systemized training.

It’s when you provide a structure and system of nurturing, up-skilling, and growth for practitioners and admin, their can be a level of loyalty over the years. You will just see them go to a new level with that kind of mentorning. And we are talking about creating great place to work, atrracting quality talent and retaining quality team members.

If you feel like you need more training or you need someone to coach you or mentor you on your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can check out our Business Academy.

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