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This week, we sit down with Hagen Dittmer to talk about Clinic Connect and how their add-on apps can help you maximize your Cliniko experience. We also talk about data migration, the benefits of using cloud services and the various opportunities with practice management software.

If you’re already using a practice management software or still in the process of making that transition, this episode will help you out.


“When you’re considering a practice management software, find one that does what it does really well and don’t have unrealistic expectations of one software to be the magic bullet. Find something that has the capacity to build out a full stack of what might suit your clinic.”



  • [0:00:51.1]  What is Clinic Connect?
  • [0:04:52.8]  Opportunities with practice management software
  • [0:08:38.5]  Reasons to switch from one PMS to another
  • [0:11:20.5]  Investments for your PMS
  • [0:12:09.5]  Why it’s a good idea to invest in cloud systems
  • [0:14:17.7]  Learn more about Clinic Connect

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