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We are joined by Shane Davis for this week’s Grow My Clinic podcast, and we’re going to be talking all about Xero.

We’re going to share with you why Xero is our accounting software of choice, the benefits of having an accounting software and some tips on how to make use of its features to help you make better decisions.



“When your numbers are in order, you can make better decisions.”

“Accounting and numbers can really make a massive difference in the experience that you’re able to provide.”





  • [0:00:37.0]  What an accounting software is and why we like Xero
  • [0:02:50.6]  Understanding accounting better with Xero
  • [0:04:01.4]  What makes Xero better than other accounting software
  • [0:05:44.4]  How to customize reports in Xero
  • [0:09:22.3]  Better accounting means better client experiences


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