Jack and Ben on Handling the Ebb and Flow of Clinic Ownership | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 026

Jack and Ben talk about personal mastery, tips on how to find your flow, and how to deal with all the pressures that clinic ownership throws at you.


“There’s an ebb and flow to this life of business ownership, which is a really interesting contrast to the life of a clinician.”
“They’re doing a lot of things but they’re nt incredibly productive because they don’t have a clear enough outcome in mind.”
“The best clinic owners are obsessed and they don’t change their standards about their outcomes, as in they’ve got a result in mind.”
“The more you’re clear about the outcome, the more resourceful you are in finding the answers or the ways when those obstacles come up.”
“What we say ‘yes’ to determines what we say ‘no’ to.” – Jim Collins
“If we’re just grinding and making life difficult for ourselves, consistently without a breather, we’re gonna get burnt out and tired. So what you need to do as a clinic owner is find a place where you can become self-aware enough that you can have space to work on the important things.”



  • [0:00:37.8]  Jack and Ben talks about the common challenges clinic owners encounter and how to find your flow
  • [0:02:52.8]  How clinic owners can deal with the barrage of options and things to do
  • [0:05:01.3]  A result-driven mindset: being agnostic about the method as long as you get the outcome
  • [0:05:39.9]  The importance of saying ‘no’ to certain things, protecting your time, and structuring your diary
  • [0:06:24.1]  Ben explains the RPM method (Results, Purpose, Massive Action)
  • [0:08:46.1]  Hustle and Grind VS Flow, and the importance of taking a break

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