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Jack talks about one of the things he does to keep his focus and his flow going, and it’s really simple – binaural beats.

Curious about it? Give this episode a listen!


“We all know that multitasking is a MYTH.”
“To be able to work on those high level tasks where you need creativity, you need focus, you need flow, alpha beats is where you need to be at.”



  • [0:00:30.9]  Getting into a state of flow
  • [0:02:00.8]  Jack talks about the science behind binaural beats
  • [0:03:27.2]  Different types of binaural beats
  • [0:05:14.8]  Where to get binaural beats
  • [0:07:05.8]  When is the perfect time to use binaural beats?

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