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This week on the Grow My Clinic podcast, we are joined by James Schramko, CEO of SuperFastBusiness, mentor, business coach, and author of the book Work Less, Make More.

This guy makes six figures a month while surfing, and he’s here to share some insights on how we can better manage our time and resources so that we could have more freedom while maintaining a fantastic business.



“Not all tasks are equal. And a lot of the things that you’re doing are not actually helping you.”

“If something doesn’t require action, then it doesn’t need to be appearing for you as an email that you have to read.”

“The brand is baked into everything, and if you’re after a really good customer experience, you want to have a consistent voice and tone.”

“If you wanna grow your business stronger and make a fantastic service offering, you’ll need to have some time to work on yourself and to be strong.”





  • [0:00:58.8]  James’s experience on writing his book
  • [0:02:25.0]  Why write a book?
  • [0:04:24.8]  If you’re a business owner, you are James’s ideal customer
  • [0:05:11.4]  Establishing an effective hourly rate as a business owner
  • [0:10:08.9]  James explains the 64-4 rule: “64% of your results are coming from 4% of your inputs.”
  • [0:12:50.3]  How James deals with his inbox
  • [0:13:55.1]  Using the “I-We-You” method in training an admin staff or support desk to handle technical questions
  • [0:15:10.3]  James gives an example of how to answer some customer queries
  • [0:17:28.5]  How James stays focused amidst all the interesting opportunities that present itself along the way
  • [0:18:39.5]  How James stays focused Pt. 2: Tips and routines
  • [0:19:58.7]  James’s concept of not compromising his personal life for his business
  • [0:23:40.1]  Shifting mindsets, from practitioners to business owners
  • [0:25:10.1]  Benefits of a membership-based/subscription-based business, and other ways of earning a little bit more from your services
  • [0:28:56.9]  Building systems to bring people back to your clinic and leveraging social media for promotions and special offers
  • [0:29:34.8]  James’s tips on content creation
  • [0:31:54.7]  James’s advice for health professionals who think content creation and content marketing is not for them
  • [0:34:20.8]  How James does content marketing for his business
  • [0:36:52.2]  A few more tips for health professionals on how to earn more with less time


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