Joey Coleman: Never Lose An Employee Again, and more | GYC Podcast E268

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 268

This week on the podcast, Ben speaks with Joey Coleman, an expert in customer and employee retention. 

Joey shares his methodology for improving customer and employee retention in the first 100 days, as outlined in his book “Never Lose a Customer Again.” He also discusses his newest book, “Never Lose an Employee Again,” which focuses on reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement.

Joey covers the eight phases of the new team member journey, from recruitment to becoming an advocate for the clinic. 

Tune in to learn how to create remarkable experiences for your team members and build a loyal customer base.

  • 08:38 – “What I love at the core of this is there’s empathy for the other person, and that is truly care.”
  • 23:40 – “Every employee has coworkers, but not every employee has colleagues… It’s really difficult to quit a job where you have colleagues.”
  • 38:29 – “When we feel that there is someone at work who personally cares about us, who personally is invested in our success, we do better.”
  • 50:02 – “A master knows there are always edges to polish.”

00:00 Intro

00:30 Joey’s Bio

01:56 “Never Lose An Employee Again” book 

06:30 The first 100 days for new team members

08:40 Joey’s 8 Phases for an employee’s journey

09:55 1. Assess

10:48 2. Accept

11:07 3. Affirm 

12:20 4. Activate 

13:00 5. Acclimate 

13:45 6. Accomplish 

14:32 7. Adopt 

14:56 8. Advocate

16:55 Interviews: Giving applicants questions ahead of time

20:29 Interviews: Asking off-the-cuff questions

23:34 Difference between a “Coworker” and a “Colleague”

26:20 Relationships at work

28:00 Creating culture in remote workspaces

32:08 Unique ideas for employee benefits and rewards

36:47 Mentor programs for team members

42:20 What phase should I start with?

44:00 Highly impactful action to take today (plus script)

47:30 What does mastery mean to you?


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